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  • What is EOC-ready?

    EOC-ready system has two components.

    1. The customizable community-specific app provides preparedness planning tools and up-to-the-minute news, alerts and information on shelters and evacuation routes. Citizens simply download the app to their smartphones and tablets.
    2. EOC-ready’s Web-based portal allows an administrator to easily maintain and update essential community resources and information, such as available shelters and evacuation routes.
  • What are the advantages of using the EOC-ready system?

    • EOC-ready provides easy-to-use administrative tools to push news, alerts and real-time shelter or evacuation information to users.
    • EOC-ready educates and prepares app users for the various hazards common in their community.
    • EOC-ready solves the problem of engaging citizens in emergency preparedness on a shrinking budget. EOC-ready provides essential and engaging community-specific information in an affordable and easy to implement format.
  • What functions and benefits do I get with EOC-ready?

    These are just some of the benefits of EOC-ready:

    • Send news articles, notifications and alerts to your community in real time.
    • Show shelters as open or closed and change evacuation routes at a moment’s notice. Broadcast this information to every app user at once.
    • Integrate and push FEMA IPAWS alerts onto app users’ devices.
    • Pay one low, flat rate for your community, regardless of population size.
    • Receive expertly written and engaging community-specific information.
    • Access an easy-to-use administrative Web portal by desktop in your Emergency Operation Center or from your mobile device when you’re in the field.
  • What happens after I purchase the EOC-ready system?

    Once you purchase the EOC-ready system, the technical representative assigned to your project will contact you to discuss your specific content, branding and integration needs. We will guide you through every step of the process and answer all your questions. The deployment of your customized EOC-ready system will be quick and painless.

  • Can I manage the system on my own?

    Yes. You are in control. Our easy-to-use Web-based portal allows you to maintain and update your community system. No programming knowledge is required. Having full control of your content helps you instantly update your community with the latest emergency information.

  • What if I need a customized app?

    Let us work with you to create a completely customized system. Our experts can meet your needs, even if your requirements are very specific and are not met with the basic EOC-ready package. Our development costs are far lower than other vendors due to our pre-built platforms.

  • Are there any government grants available?

    Yes. There are many grants available. Our sales representatives can help you better understand which grants you may be eligible for. They will be happy to assist you by providing information to include in your grant application. Keep in mind that new grants are made available every day, so it’s best to discuss your options in more detail with one of our sales representatives.

  • How long will it take to develop a customized system for my community?

    With EOC-ready our customers are up and running in the shortest time possible. Your customized EOC-ready community app can be delivered within a few weeks.

  • Do I need to be tech-savvy?

    Our customers do not require any technical knowledge. In fact, the entire development process is carefully planned and managed by our team. You will discuss all pertinent information with one of our project managers before work on the project starts.

  • Can you develop content for my app?

    Yes. Content development is our specialty. We currently offer over 1,000 eGuide titles you can choose from to complement your system. Additional titles are easy to add, so your community can benefit from topics of special interest. If you need information not available in our library, we can work with you to develop a custom eGuide.

  • How much does EOC-ready cost?

    EOC-ready is the most feature-rich and affordable emergency management system on the market. Our package is tens of thousands of dollars less expensive than what it would cost to independently develop a comparable system. Contact one of our sales representatives for full details.

  • Do app users need to pay to download the EOC-ready app?

    The app is made available to members of your community free of charge. It works on any iOS or Android device. Downloads are unlimited.

  • Is system pricing based on the number of users or the size of the community?

    Our pricing is not based on the size of your community. Whether your user base is in the thousands or millions, you’ll receive the system for the same affordable price.

  • Do I need any special hardware to run the system?

    No. All servers are maintained by QuickSeries® in a secure off-site hosting facility. You perform community updates through the Web-based administration portal, using a Web-enabled computer or smartphone.

  • Do you provide after-sales support?

    Yes. The licensing and maintenance package includes complete support for updates to operating systems, updates to material, content changes and use of the administrative portal.

  • Can we use weather feeds from an organization other than NOAA?

    Our sales representatives can explain how EOC-ready can be adapted to other systems that use RSS feeds.

  • Can I automatically feed Facebook and county website updates to the news module?

    To provide you with better control over the information you give to your community, all news must be manually entered via the administrative portal. However, it takes only a few clicks to copy and paste any relevant item into the news module.

  • Do custom eGuides have a functionality similar to those in the library?

    Yes. All eGuides have similar functionality, whether they are custom eGuides or QuickSeries® eGuides. Call one of our project managers today to learn about how easy it is to develop your own custom eGuide.

  • Have you developed other apps?

    We have developed a wide variety of apps for our clients, which include the U.S. Department of Transportation, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, among others.

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