The Dynamic, All Hazards Preparedness System for Your Community

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The Dynamic, All Hazards Preparedness System For Your Community

Prepare and Coordinate Your Community

As an Emergency Manager, you need the right tools to coordinate and respond to your community’s needs before, during and after a disaster. EOC‑ready provides flexibility and control so you can quickly deliver information as the situation progresses.

Be in total control of your community information:

  • Guide citizens to open emergency shelters.
  • Notify citizens of which locations have special services, such as sheltering for pets or wheelchair accessibility.
  • Keep evacuation routes up to date.
  • Push news and alerts.
  • Offer the app in the languages your community needs.
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Counties currently using EOC-ready

Iron County UT Community Preparedness
Okeechobee County FL Emergency Management
Saint Louis County MO Prepares
Harris County TX Community Preparedness
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Multiple Language Options

EOC-ready speaks your language. The app is currently offered in English and Spanish. It is available in other languages on request. App users can quickly change the app language with one simple tap.

"Just some of the features you get with your EOC CORE SYSTEM"

System Features

  • Disaster & Safety eGuides

    Disaster & Safety eGuides

    Library of interactive eGuides providing how-to information that addresses every disaster and emergency.

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  • Family Emergency Plan

    Family Emergency Plan

    A comprehensive emergency planning tool to help families stay organized and ready to react.

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  • Community News

    Community News

    Keep your community informed.

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  • Real-Time Weather Alerts

    Real-Time Weather Alerts

    Real-time weather feeds, including advisories and warnings.

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  • Push Alert Notifications

    Push Alert Notifications

    Real-time notification of emergency alerts.

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  • Evacuation Routes

    Evacuation Routes

    Maps and routes are available online and offline

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  • Shelters & Emergency Services

    Shelters & Emergency Services

    Essential resources are just a touch away

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  • Social Media Connection

    Social Media Connection

    Drive community engagement with in-app access to your county’s social media pages.

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  • Status Broadcasting

    Status Broadcasting

    Simple one-touch broadcasting

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  • Incident Reporting

    Incident Reporting

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Available on all major platforms

  • iOS


  • Android


  • Web


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EOC-ready gives you complete control

You need a solution that is powerful and versatile – and easy to use. EOC-ready complements your current preparedness efforts and gets results by handing you the reins. Community preparedness resources are at your fingertips.

  • County challenges

  • Community benefits

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